We’re in the full swing of summer and the sun is high in the sky. Can’t wake up? Don’t want to melt in the scorching blaze? Tune out with this surfy summer waves playlist!

Luau or Die

With twangy guitar riffs and solos that will lull you in then throw the roof off, Luau or Die kicks it up to 11 with Lady Valentine on lead guitar. Rip one open and turn up the surfy-spy sounds of Luau or Die!

The Surfrajettes

Surfrajettes: women seeking the right to SURF through coordinated outfits and rockin’ 60’s guitar riffs. Classic surf music with a modern twist; the Surfrajettes are coming to you out of the Port Perry area. Sarah, Nicole, Shermy and Amber came out with their first 3-song EP in September 2017. Add this one to your get-up-and-surf playlist!

The Garrys

With traditional surf guitar influences and shoegazy lyrics, The Garrys let you float away on their mellow tracklisting. This one comes from their 2016 album “Warm Buds“. Erica, Julie and Lenore bring you a mix of garage and doom-wop sounds from Saskatoon. Float on the surface with your ears underwater and enjoy “In this Dream”.

The Aquadolls

Totally fuzzed out sailing while you’re waiting for the perfect wave: the Aquadolls started as a bedroom project by vocalist Melissa Brooks before she was picked up by Burger Records.

The Ape-Ettes

The Ape-Ettes are a Sudbury three-piece with a punch; their first full length EP came out last year and it isn’t one to miss! With songs in English, French, and a blend of both, the Ape-Ettes will keep you on your toes. I can’t wait for their next album.

The Definitelays

Another Saskatchewan trio with vibrating vocals that will bring you straight to the scene of a hot summers night.

Marie-Claire et les Hula-Hoops

Sous La Pluie (Under the Rain) might be about crappy weather but this track is anything but. Light and airy with a twinge, the vocals from Marie-Claire (Montreal) weave through this track like a loose knit sweater.

La Luz

Okay… I know La Luz has a new album out, but I can never leave Weirdo Shrine off of my summer rotation.


Psh. Put this one on repeat too. This track is the ultimate heatwave vibe. Want to know more about BBQT? Check out their new EP that literally JUST came out called ALL FOR SHOW! Some of my favourite artists are from Montreal and BBQT is no exception.



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