Nik A. Basset (they/them) / Founder

Nik is a genderqueer feminist and survivor whose identity is inextricably linked to their work and contributions to the community. With a deep love and appreciation for music and the training to provide non-judgmental and empathetic survivor-centered emotional support, they have long term career goals of victim advocacy and creating safer spaces in music communities for femme and non-binary people. Originally from Winnipeg, they recently graduated from an M.A. program at the University of Windsor and moved to Halifax in 2018.

Amery Sandford (she/her) / Illustrator

Amery is an artist based in Montreal, QC. She works mainly in printmaking, but is also very into making one minute pop songs with her band BBQT. In her down time she likes to hang out with her cat, Jockey Club, named after her favourite Newfoundland lager.

Stephanie Muise aka “smuise” (she/her) / Writer

Stephanie is a musician and web development student living in Halifax, Nova Scotia. When she isn’t at school or jamming, you can find her at local shows, yelling over her love of small dogs, making as many friends as possible or doing amateur stand up. You can sum Stephanie’s existence up to “doing all of the things she was told weren’t for her”.

Amanda Gaul (she/her) / Photographer

Amanda is a Halifax based photographer and music enthusiast. When she’s not out at a local rock show, she collects records and tapes and can often be found spending hours making noise loops with her guitar. NSCC photo grad of 2014; she may not want to shoot your wedding, but she would more then love to shoot your band. She works hard to create a safe space for everyone to enjoy and create art.